Canton, Ohio

Parking Lot Entry, Apron, Pad & Approach Construction

parking lot entry apron pad and approach construction

Parking Lot Entry, Apron, Pad & Approach Construction by Domenico Concrete

Safe and smooth access to your property and facility are essential to both a good first impression as well as safety to incoming guests and vehicles. Additionally, these areas are subject to rugged use and significant weather-related stresses (i.e., plows, ice-melting materials, freezing & thawing, etc.)

Because of such heavy use, concrete is the ideal solution for these areas. Importantly, design, base materials, and construction are essential to longevity and functionality.

Domenico Concrete is your contractor for:

  • Parking lot entries & aprons
  • Parking lot and door approaches
  • Overhead door aprons
  • Dumpster pads
  • Multi-use pads and slabs
  • Pylon post construction and repair